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How to make ghee-clarified butter
Clarified Butter (English), Neyya (Telugu), Ghee (Hindi) is one of the main ingredient of most Indian recipes. According to ayurveda it is the right kind of fat that body requires and also helps in digestion. There is no doubt that when ghee added to any recipe the taste enhances beyond expectation......Read more

How to make garam masala powder
Garam Masala is a combination of various common spices ground together. It is widely used in Indian cuisine and heart of many Indian Recipes. It can be easily prepared at home and can be stored for months in air tight containers without loosing its aroma.....Read more

Curry masala powder is the main ingredient of all South Indian Curry recipes which add flavor and aroma to curries. The ready made powders available in the market are not that much effective and bit costly too.....Read more

How to make Sambhar Powder
Sambhar is a famous South Indian Recipe. It's a vegetable stew made with Dal and Tamarind juice and vegetable like Radish, Carrot, Drum sticks, Onion, Tomato etc. The main ingredient in this vegetable stew to get taste of Sambhar is the Sambhar Powder. Here's the simple method for preparing Sambhar Powder instantly at home......Read more

How to make Idli - Dosa powder
Idli podi is a dry chutney powder makes a very good combination with Idli or Dosa. When running out of time it can be very handy in replacing chutney. It can be prepared instantly and can be stored for weeks in air tight jars..... Read more

How to make Samosa (Step by step method)
Samosa is a very famous triangular shaped stuffed snack in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. It is generally fried or baked and filled with vegetarian or non vegetarian stuff like potatoes smash, peas or chicken etc.....Read more

How to make Sambhar
Sambhar is a vegetable stew prepared with dal, vegetables and tamarind juice. It is one of the most common dish in South India served as a side dish along with rice, idli (Sambhar Idli) or dosa...Read more

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