Kid's Special

One of the best ways to make children interested in eating is to give an appealing look to the food we serve to them. Often children are much more likely to try new foods in compare to adults. Here in kid's special I'm going to share some kid's friendly recipes.

Bulli Idli - Small Idli
Idli is one of the healthy breakfast , but unfortunatley my kids doesn't like it. So I've tried by changing the size of idli and it worked well .....Read more

Bread Malai Toast   
Bread malai toast is a healthy kids friendly recipe prepared with bread , malai (fresh milk cream) and sugar.....Read more

Bread Omelette
Bread Omelette is another kid's friendly recipeNormally many kids don't like plain bread. If you serve with cream they will eat cream and leave the bread,  similarly if you serve with omelette they eat  omelette and leave the bread. So here's another way of making bread omelette which many kids definitely love...... Read more

Chily Carrot Chow Mein
Here's something different to try if kids get bored with routine 2 minute Maggie Noodles. Chow Mein is a Chinese dish prepared with noodles either with vegetables or eggs, chicken, meat, pork etc. There are so many varieties of Chow Mein..... Read More

Kodi Guddu Parratha - Egg Paratha
This kids friendly egg paratha breakfast recipe is very simple and easy to prepare...... Read more

Totakura Carrot Paratha
This is a kids friendly healthy breakfast recipe prepared with Amaranth leaves and carrot. Green leafy vegetables are good for our health. Amaranth leaves fully packed with numerous health benefits, they are also very rich in essential vitamins and minerals..... Read more

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