Minapa Sunnundalu (Blackgram Laddo)

Ingredients (for 12 peices)

Blackgram (Urad Dal) : 250 gms
Rice  : 25 gms
Sugar : 250 gms
Pure Ghee : 100 gms
Cardamom (Ilachi) powder : 1 tsp


Fry blackgram dal and rice grins in frying fan till they turn golden brown.
Grind the fried blackgram dal and rice grians in a grinder and remove the mixture in a slight coarse state.
Now grind the sugar till it turns into powder.
Mix blackgram dal, rice and sugar powders and cardamom (Ilachi) powder then add ghee mix it well.
Roll the above mixer into round (Laddo) shapes.

These Urad dal laddoo's are very healthy and rich in protein. They can be preserved upto 15 to 20 days.

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