Gavvalu (A shell shaped sweet dish)

The word "Gavva" in Telugu language means "Shell". This is a sweet dish prepared with Maida flour and sugar and it's very easy to prepare with in no time. In Telugu language we call this dish as "Gavvalu"  i.e. "Shells"  because of their shape.

Things required

All purpose flour (Maida flour) : 250 gms
Salt : 1/2 tsp
Sugar : 200 gms
Dalda : 25 gms
Oil for frying


Add salt and dalda to maida flour and make a dough

Boil little water in a pan add sugar and make it as thick syrup

Make small round balls with maida flour dough

Flatten the round balls into small flat round shapes and place on the wooden board as shown in the picture (Note : The wooden board used for this purpose is specially made. It can be obtained  from local market.)

Press with thumb and roll forward to obtain a shell shape as shown in the picture


Now the Shell is ready


Heat oil in a karahi (Wok) and fry the Gavvalu (Shells) till they turn into golden brown


Dip the fried shells (Gavvalu) in the pre-prepared sugar syrup and remove after 10 minutes
Store in a air tight container
Note : This dish can be preserved for 15 days

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