Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is a popular Indian dessert recipe which is made of milk powder, dough, sugar and milk. This sweet is lip smacking and easy to prepare. Gulab Jamun is prepared in India on almost all auspicious occasions. If you feel difficult to make dough with milk powder and flour replace them with instant Gulab Jamun mix which is available at every grocery store. 


Milk Powder (Carnation milk powder) : 2 cups
All purpose flour (Maida) : 1 cup
Freshm Milk : little (enough to make the dough)
Ghee (Clarified butter) : 3 tea spoons
Baking powder : One and half e tea spoon
Sugar : 4 cups
Cardamom powder : 1 tea spoon
Oil for deep frying


Make a smooth dough (medium hard) with milk powder, all purpose flour and ghee by adding little milk at a time.
Make around 35-40 1 inch diameter round balls with dough and set aside.
Boil 2 cups water in a vessel add 4 cups sugar, cardamom powder, make a thick syrup by stirring gently on medium flame and set aside.
Heat oil enough for deep fry in a wok/karahi
Gently drop the dough balls (3-4 at a time) and fry on low flame till they turn into golden brown in color.
Repeat the procedure with all dough balls.
Dip the fried Gulab Jamuns in thick sugar syrup and refrigerate for 5-6 hours before serving. This sweet can also be served at room temperature.
Garnish with cashew nuts (optional) and serve chilled. 

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