Korra Paravannam


1. Korralu (Foxtail Millet) -

2. Jaggery
3. Cashew Nuts , Raisins,

4. Milk
5. Elaichi Powder (Cardomum)
6. Pure Ghee
6. Salt.
7. Cherry fruit (Cut to small pieces)
8. Water for boiling.

Method :

1. Wash Korralu with water.thoroughly.
2. Boil Korralu in one cup of water till it softens.
3. Add Jaggery, milk, pinch of salt and Elaichi Powder and allow it to boil till cooked.
4. Heat Ghee in a Frying Pan , fry Cashew Nuts,Raisins (Kismis) and pour them over the prepared mixyuer above.Take the prepared mixture in a bowl.Garnish with Cherry fruit pieces.

This dish can be used as a dessert.

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