Majjiga Charu - Butter Milk Rasam

This easy rasam recipe prepared with buttermilk which is very healthy and tasty too...


Butter milk : As per requirement

onions :1 (finely chopped)
greeen chillies: 2 (slited)
curry leaves
mustard seeds
cumin seeds
ginger: sliced 1tbs
garlic:sliced 1tbs
turmaric powder :1tbs
salt to taste
red chilly :1
oil for frying


Heat oil in a karahi add sliced onion, Green Chillies,Red Chilly.Ginger slices, Garlic cloves, curry leaves, mustard seeds and cumin seeds fry till mustard start splitting
Add turmeric powder and salt fry for 1 minute
Add buttermilk to it and immediately remove from the flame to avoid lumps
Serve with rice

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