Mixture - An Indian snack

Mixture is a well known Indian snack. It's the combination of various items fried and mixed together. Mixture is the most common snack in India and found in all regions of the country. Process of preparing this snack is quite a bit lengthy but very easy.

Gram Flour (Besan) : 3 cups

Groundnut : 250 gms

Bengal Gram Dal (Chana Dal) : 250 gms

Flattened Rice (Poha) : 250 gms

Corn Flakes : 1 pkt

Topioca Fritters (Sabudana primes) : 1 pkt

Black salt (Kala Namak) : 2 tsp
Red chilly powder : 2 tsp
Curry leaves
Oil for frying : 500 ml

Soak the bengal gram dal for 30 minutes and spread on a clothe for drying

Take 2 cups of gram flour add salt and make a tight dough for preparing sev

Add salt to the remaining 1 cup gram flour and make smooth batter  for boondi preparation
Heat oil in a karahi
Fry ground nut, flattened rice, corn flakes, topioca fritters and curry leaves separatley one by one and keep aside
Fry soaked and dried bengal gram dal

Fill the dough into sev maker and press into the oil, remove sev after frying and keep aside

For making boondi take a ladle with holes keep over the oil and pour the gram flour batter and rub with a spoon to allow the batter to fall evenly through the holes. Fry the boondi till it turns golden brown and keep aside.

Take a big plate or tray mix all the above items add black salt, red chilly powder and mix well
Lip smacking mixture is ready to serve

This snack can be stored for few weeks if stored in an air tight container

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