Pesara Punugula Pulusu - Green Gram (Split) stew

Ingredients :

A) For Punugulu :-

1. Moong Dal (Green Gram split) - soaked for half an hour.
2. Ginger - 1
3. Salt to taste
4. Oil for frying.
5. Baking Powder - 1/2 tsp

(B) For Pulusu :-

1. Onions-2 Pieces finely Chopped
2. Green Chillies - 4 Nos
3.Tamarind Juice (1 Cup)
4.Corriander leaves.
5.Oil - 2 tsp 
6. Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds. Curry leaves,Methi seeds - 1tsp each 
7. Dry Red Chillies- 1 No.
8. Turmeric Powder, Curry  Masala Powder - 1 tsp
9. Tomatoes - 2 Nos.
10. Sugar - 1 tsp

Method ;_

1. Preparation of Punugulu :

Add Ginger pieces in the soaked Moong dal,Grind the soaked Moong Dal in a Kitchen Grinder  to a hard paste by adding little water in it.
Add salt to the desired  taste and Baking Powder to the Mixture. Mix well.
Now heat oil in a deep Pan (Kadai).
Make round balls of the Moong dal Mixture with hand and fry the balls till the balls turn Golden Brown.

2. Preparation of Pulusu (Stew):- 

Heat 2tsp of oil in a Pan. Add Sliced Onions, Curry leaves,Mustard seeds,Methi seeds,Cumin seeds and slit Green Chillies, fry till light brown.
Add prepared fried Punukulu , Curry Masala, salt , Chopped Tomatoes, fry the mixture for five minutes and then add little water, boil for 2 minutes and then add Tamarind juice to it.Now cook the mixture till the gravy becomes thick.
Finally add Sugar and Corriander leaves.Serve hot with Rice. 

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