Sampenga Puvvulu - Michelia Champaca

This sweet is prepared in the shape of a flower named Michelia Champaca. The name of this flower In Telugu language is Sampangi. Hence this sweet is named Sampenga Puvvulu


wheat flour:1cup
maida(all purpose flour):1cup
sugar : 200 gms
Orange food color
Suji : 1/2 cup
Dalda : 25 gms
Salt as per taste
Oil for frying

Method (Step by step)

Take a bowl add all purpose flour (Maida), wheat flour, Suzi and salt mix well add melted dalda to it and mix all ingredients together
Now made a smooth dough by adding little water to it

Divide the dough into six equal portions and make round balls as shown in the picture

Flatten the round dough balls into to chapati shapes as shown in the picture

Apply cut marks on it as shown in the picture

Now holding each corner of chapati with index and thumb fingers fold the chapati  and roll once and press the corners to achieve the shape as shown in the picture

Repeat the same procedure with all dough rolls

Heat oil in a Karahi and fry the Sampenga Puvvulu till they become crispy, remove and keep aside

Boil litter water in a pan add sugar and make a thick syrup by continuous stirring

Dip the fried Sampenga Puvvulu in the sugar syrup fully and remove after 2 minutes

Delicious Sampenga Puvvulu are ready

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