Here are some tips which can be useful in day to day life

1. Bathroom mirror turning hazy after a hot water shower? Just rub the mirror with few drops of shampoo.
2. Add one spoon oil to liquid soap or shampoo water while washing your car to get rid off difficult dirt.
3. To get rid off foul smell in refrigerator keep four spoons of edible soda in a saucer and keep it in the refrigerator.
4. Clean your glass items and crockery with vinegar for an excellent shining.
5. Rub your gold ornaments with pencil eraser for extra shining.
6. Rub your oil paintings with a potato slice to make them look fresh and new.
7. Lit a night lamp in your kitchen to avoid insects during night time.
8. Rub your window glasses with potato slice to give them a new look.
9. Clean your bathroom tiles with Boric Acid for a fresh look and shining.
10. To remove stains on China Ware use nail polish remover
11. To get rid off foul smell in microwave oven, place a lemon slice on a piece of paper and keep it in the oven and switch it on for one minute at high temperature.
12. To remove oil stains on clothes, dip a lemon slice in salt and rub it on the oil stains.
13. To remove water stains under the sink tap, rub lemon juice mixed with salt over the stains.
14. Add few drops of lemon juice in water while washing silk saris and clothes to avoid color loss and also to get better brightness.
15. Apply lemon juice on nails and wash after fifteen minutes for better shining and glow.
16. To remove stains caused by sweat on clothes, dilute lemon juice in water and apply over them.
17. Wash stainless steel utensils with lemon for an excellent shining.
18. To get rid off iron-rust stains on clothes, add a pinch of salt to lemon juice and apply on the stains.

Some tips for buying leather office/hand bags

Color gives an elegant look to leather. So while purchasing check for color fade. Rub the bag gently with a handkerchief to see if the color fades.
Try to purchase a branded bag because you'll never face problems like torn fabric, broken zips or loose stitches etc.
Check out for any loose threads in stitching.
Always play close attention to the quality of leather.

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