How to make Curry Masala Powder

Curry masala powder is the main ingredient of all South Indian Curry recipes which add flavor and aroma to curries. The ready made powders available in the market are not that much effective and bit costly too. The preparation of curry masala at home is very easy.
Here is the method to prepare curry masala at home


Dried Red Chillies : 1 kilogram

Coriander seeds : 500 gms

Turmeric (raw)  : 150 gms

Cumin seeds     :  250 gms

Mustard seeds  :  100 gms

Cloves              : 50 gms

Cinnamon sticks: 50 gms

Cardamom        : 50 gms

Fenugreek seeds  : 25 gms

Star Anise           : 10 gms

Bay leaves          : 10 


Keep red chillies in bright sun light for one day
Lightly roast all the spices except red chillies one by one  
Grind all the above spices into smooth powder
Store in a clean air tight jar

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