How to make Ghee - Clarified Butter

Clarified Butter (English), Neyya (Telugu), Ghee (Hindi) is one of the main ingredient of most Indian recipes.  According to ayurveda it is the right kind of fat that body requires and also helps in digestion.
There is no doubt that when ghee added to any recipe the taste enhances beyond expectation. But compare to commercial ghee the taste of pure cow milk ghee is something else. The rich aroma and taste can not be explained and it has to be experienced. I never like purchased ghee I always prepare ghee at home with pure cow milk cream which I've learnt from my mother. The cow milk when boiled used to get thick cream after cooling so I use to save the cream daily in refrigerator and make ghee by heating it. Here's the simple step by step method how to do it'

1. Daily save the cream from milk in a bowl and keep in the refrigerator.

2. When sufficient amount of cream accumulated grind it in a kitchen grinder

3. Pour the mixture in a non stick pan and heat till the milk solids settles at bottom and ghee appears on top

4. Pour the ghee in a bottle and store

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