Kottimeera Pulihora - Coriander Rice

Pulihora is a famous South Indian recipe prepared with rice and tamarind juice. Here's  a new variety of Pulihora from Hema's Kitchen in which coriander leaves are added for extra taste It's really worth giving a try.


Coriander leaves:1cup

Tamarind juice: 1cup
Ginger finely chopped: 1tbs
Bengal gram dal :2tbs
Black gram dal :2tbs
Cumin seeds : 1tbs
Turmaric powder :1tbs
Mustard seeds :2tbs
Ground nuts : 50 grms
Curry leaves
Red chillies :2
Green chillies :2

Asafoetida :1/2 tbs
Salt to taste


Cook the rice and spread in a wide tray or plate
Boil the tamarind juice in a pan add chopped coriander leaves to it
Cook till the juice become thick and  add salt ,turmeric powder and asafoetida and boil for 2 minutes more'
Now add the above prepared juice to rice and mix well
Heat oil in a pan add chopped ginger, bengal gram dal,  black gram dal,  cumin seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves,  red chillies,  green chillies and ground nuts  and fry till they turns into light golden brown color and them to rice and mix well
Delicious Kottimeera Pulihora is ready to serve.

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