Kudumu Boorelu

Today (14.01.11) we are celebrating Bhogi in Andhra. Bhogi is the first day of the harvest festival Pongal which is the main festival of South India. The second day is Makara sankranti and kanuma is on third day. Every year on Bhogi I prepare our traditional food Pulihora and Bobbatlu or Kudumu Boorelu.
This year I've prepared kudumu boorelu with pulihora. Kudumu is recipe often prepared with idli batter and cooked in steam (aviri). For kudumu boorelu the kudumu is prepared with moong dal batter. Here we prepare Boorelu with steam cooked kudumu hence this is recipe is known as Kudumu Boorelu. The combination of tangy pulihora combined with sweet kudumu boorelu really gives a special festival aroma to Bhogi festival every year. Here is recipe for preparing Kudumu Boorelu.

Ingredients for Kudumulu

Moong Dal : 500 gms
Sugar         : 500 gms
Coconut grated : 1 cup
Cardamom : 12 (powdered)
Oil  for frying

For batter

Black gram dal : 125 gms
Rice flour : 100 gms
Sugar : 1 tsp

Method for preparing kudumulu

Soak Moong dal for 2 hours
Grind the soaked moong dal  and make tight batter by adding little water
Prepare the kudumu using vessel specially made for making kudumus (In the absence of Kudumu maker use Idli cooker and prepare idlies instead of kudumu)
Break the kudumus add grated coconut, sugar and cardamom powder and knead into a tight dough
Make round balls with the prepared dough and keep aside.

For batter

Grind the soaked black gram dal into smooth batter
Add rice flour, sugar and salt to the above batter and mix well

Method for preparing kudumu boorelu

Heat oil in a karahi 
Dip the moong dal balls in black gram dal, rice flour batter.

Fry the dipped moong dal balls till they turn into light brown color

Serve hot with pulihora (Tamarind rice)

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