Finger Millet Gruel - Ragi Java

Ragi/Finger Millet which is also known as African Millet is a perfect health food for any age. It's also a best food for diabetic people. Ragi is very rich in Calcium, Iron and fiber. It's regular use prevents premature ageing, prevents from malnutrition, anemia and increases longevity. It also helps obese people in reducing weight and works for constipation.
Due to it's richness in Calcium and Iron it's very good food for children and women. The gruel prepared with Finger Millet Flour/Ragi Flour is rich in protein and low in carbohydrates thus makes it a perfect healthy recipe for any meal. Especially in summer Ragi Java removes heat from the body if eaten along with buttermilk or curd. It's very easy to prepare Ragi Java/ Finger Millet Gruel.


Finger Millet Flour/ Ragi Flour : 1 Cup
Salt : As per taste
Curd/Butter Milk (Optional) : 1 Cup

Take a bowl make smooth batter with ragi flour by adding water. Stir continuously to avoid lumps. Add salt according to taste.
Boil water in a vessel. When water start boil add the ragi flour batter to it and stir continuously. Cook on slow flame until the gruel has thickened slightly.
Add a spoonful of curd or buttermilk (optional) before serving.


  1. Beautiful pictures and wonderful recipe.Reminds me of home.

  2. Nice recipe...Very nutritious and healthy...

  3. very healthy recipe.. breakfast type :)

    new to ur space n happy to follow u for more wonderful creations..
    do visit me when u get time ..

  4. Very nutritious ! Looks just perfect....

  5. Easy and healthy breakfast! We use to add milk and sugar sometimes.
    Thanks for stopping by in my blog!

  6. mmmm mouth watering recipes... taste please:-)


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