Kodi Guddu Paratha - Egg Paratha

This kids friendly egg paratha breakfast recipe is very simple and easy to prepare.


Wheat flour : 2 cups 
Eggs : 3
Onion : 1 large (Finely chopped)
Green Chillies : 2 (Finely chopped)
Red chilly powder : 1 tea spoon


Mix wheat flour, salt in a bowl make a tight dough by adding little water at a time and cover with a thin cloth.
Beat the eggs in a bowl  add chopped onions, green chillies, red chilly powder mix well all the ingredients and set aside.
Make round balls with the dough and roll in a round shape, apply little oil on the surface. 
Fold it in a semi circle shape as shown in the picture.
Again apply little oil on the top portion and fold it like a triangle shape as shown in the picture.
Now roll it into flat shape by applying equal pressure on all sides.
Heat a griddle/ tava 
Lightly roast the paratha and apply oil on one side.
Now turn the paratha to the other side spread a table spoon beaten eggs. onion, green chillies mixture over it.
Add 1 tea spoon oil and roast on a medium flame for 2 minutes before turning it to the other side.
Roast the paratha on slow flame till done.
Serve hot with tomato curry or sauce.


  1. Yummy parathas...So tasty and great with pickles!

  2. This is definitely a kids loving breakfast....so easy n yummy hema...thanx for such a yummy recipe....the parathas looks so soft n tempting...

  3. Mouthwatering here, would love to have this paratha rite now..

  4. My daughter likes chapatti with egg omelette in the form of a roll.I am sure she will love this yummy egg paratha.

  5. Luks Yummy...Gonna be my kids fav...


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