Nuvvu Pappu Boorelu

This is another variety of Boorelu prepared with sesame seeds and jaggery. It's very easy to cook and makes a perfect festive recipe.

Sesame seeds (nuvvulu) : 250 gm

Jaggery (Bellam) : 200 gm

Oil : 250 ml

For the cover

All purpose flour (Maida) : 1 cup
Salt : 1/2 tea spoon


Roast and grind the sesame seeds into a coarse powder

Heat water in a pan add jaggery and make a thick syrup by continuously stirring on slow flame
Add ground sesame seeds to the syrup mix well and make a tight dough

Make small round ball shapes with the dough and keep aside

For the cover mix all purpose flour (Maida), salt in a vessel, make it into thick batter by mixing little water at a time

Heat oil in a deep bottomed karahi
Dip the round dough balls in the batter and fry on slow flame till borrelu turn into light golden color
Delicious Nuvvu Pappu boorelu ready to serve.

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