Summer Refresher : Mixed Fruit Lassi

Lassi is a traditional Indian drink made with yogurt. It's very famous in almost all parts of India. in summer lassi makes a real refreshing treat for every one. Yogurt is a traditional dairy food and it has many health benefits. Yogurt is pro-biotic and it contains the healthy bacteria which human digestive system requires.
Good bacteria can prevent imbalances in the body and also keeps various infections at bay. It's really advisable to use adequate yogurt for maintaining a healthy life style.Yogurt makes a wonderful combination with fruits. Fruit lassi is very tasty and also extremely good for health. Here is the simple procedure for making mixed fruit lassi at home.


Yogurt (Fresh) : 2 cups
Banana : 2
Apple : 1
Grapes : Few
Ice cubes (optional)

Peel banana, wash and cut apple into pieces
Blend yogurt, banana, apple and sugar in a blender for 1 minute
Wash the grapes and add to the mixture.
Refrigerate for 1 hour or add crushed ice cubes to chill
Serve chilled


  1. hmmm...really a very cooool summer refresher n for a change with mixed fruits is healthy indeed...nice hema...keep going

  2. mixed fruit lassi is new to me. gr8 recipe!
    Kurinjikathambam, Event : HRH-Healthy Summer

  3. I like mixed fruit raita..and this lassi is similar to that I think..Super cool.

  4. Mixed fruit lassi tasty and good for family like very much fruit lassi, mixed fruit lassi. thank you for this testy item.

  5. It looks delicious and and healthy drink in summer.


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