Stuffed Bitter Gourd Fritters

Bitter gourd is a green tropical vegetable packed with numerous health benefits. It is known as the be best food for diabetics due to its ability in reducing sugar levels in blood. Many people don't like bitter gourd because of its bitterness. Here're some health benefits of bitter gourd. It fights cancer, control diabetes, improves digestion, purifies the blood, helps in weight reduction, cures skin diseases and speed up recovery process in various health conditions. They are rich source of vitamin and minerals like vitamin B, C, manganese. zinc, phosphorus,  magnesium etc. They are also high in dietary fiber.
Here is a yummy snack recipe "Stuffed Bitter Gourd Fritters" in which sweet and tangy mixture stuffed inside to reduce its bitterness.


Bitter gourd : 3 to 4
Ground nuts : 150 gm
Dry coconut powder : 50 gm
Tamarind : 2 inch size ball
Jaggery : 100 gm
Red chilly powder : 1 tea spoon
Oil for frying

For cover

Gram flour(Besan) : 1 cup
Salt : As per tatse
Red chilly powder : 1 tea spoon


Wash and cut the bitter gourd into 2 to 3 halves according to their size
Remove seeds and pulp as shown in the picture
Soak the bitter gourd pieces in salt water for 15 minutes to reduce bitterness. 
Heat oil in a pan and fry the bitter gourd pieces for 5 minutes on slow flame, drain the oil and set aside.
Grind ground nuts, jaggery, tamarind, dry coconut powder into smooth paste as shown in the picture (No need to add water)
Add 1 tea spoon red chilly powder, 1 tea spoon salt to the above paste and mix well.
Stuff the above paste in fried bitter gourd pieces as shown in the picture.
Take a bowl add gram flour(besan),m red chilly powder, salt, add little water and make a smooth thick batter for cover.
Heat oil in a karahi/wok 
Dip each stuffed bitter gourd piece in the gram flour batter and deep fry till they turn into golden brown in color
Serve hot with chutney or sauce.


  1. wow, that is so one of a kind fritter and recipe, amazing, love it :)

  2. Wow, a lot of hard work must have made this bitter karela so sweet...amazing fritter..

  3. I appreciate u for this recipe...u r right its very difficultto get to eat bg...this recipe is good and the stuffing is flavourful and tangy....gr8 dear

  4. That's an amazing way to cook bitter gourd! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Very innovative..something different.

  6. Absolutely delicious...i do prepare the same way...but as a side dish for rice never tried as fritters will try one day...gud idea..
    Thanks for sharing...

    My version

  7. Amazing recipe. What a lovely way to eat bitter gourd.
    Thanks for dropping by and for those lovely comments.
    Happy to follow u..

  8. Very interesting recipe and looks so yum!

  9. That's an awesome idea! very creative & interesting.

  10. A very new and interesting way to have bittergourds....looks very yum!

  11. Bittergourds sound like a super food. I've never had it before and am curious to give it a try.
    Mimi's Kitchen

  12. What a lovely dish out of bittergourd... Sounds delicious...:)

  13. bitter gourds eh, that is SO interesting - never used them this way would love to try! great post dear :)

  14. innovative I haven't had with bitter gourd before innovative fritters
    Torviewtoronto and Createwithmom

  15. Hema these looks like absolute delights to munch on.

  16. Mmmm......Looks very appetizing

  17. Looks soo perfect..Such a beautiful yummy recipe using bitter gourd..I have to try it:-)


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