Dates Coconut Milk Pudding - Khajur ki Kheer

On this Ugadi day I've tried a new recipe "Dates Payasam (Khajur ki Kheer)" for the dessert. This is a very healthy, sugar free and yummy dessert recipe preapared with dates, coconut milk and fresh milk. It's very tasty, extremely easy to prepare and worth giving a try.

Dates : 
Coconut milk : 1 cup
Milk : 1 cup 
Cardamom powder : 1 tea spoon
Cashew nuts : 12 to 16
Raisins : 12 to 16
Almonds : 12
Sugar/Honey (Optional)
Ghee : 1 table spoon


De-seed and cut the dates into small pieces.
Boil milk and coconut milk in a vessel.
Add dates, cardamom powder, sugar/honey(optional) and cook on medium flame for 10 minutes.
Heat ghee in a pan, fry cashew nuts, almond and raisins for 2 minutes 
Add fried dry fruits to the dates coconut milk pudding along with the remaining ghee.
Serve either at room temperature or chilled.


  1. Delicious kheer, nice combo dates and coconut..

  2. nice blog space here.. following you.. do visit Noel collections in your spare time and join if you like my space :)

  3. wonderful kheer...surely gonna try this some day...thanks for dropping by my blog.


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