Thaati Munjalu - Toddy Palm Fruit Seeds

Toddy Palm Fruit seeds (Thaati Munjalu) is one of the most refreshing fruit during the summer season. This is a very popular summer fruit of Andhra Pradesh.
Toddy Palm Fruit pulp - Thaati Munjalu
The edible pulp which is extracted from the Toddy Palm Fruit is known as Thaati Munjalu in Telugu and Tari in Hindi. The pulp of this fruit covered with thick yellow skin.
The edible jelly part of the fruit can be extracted after peeling the skin. The pulp contains very refreshing sugary fluid inside and it's fleshy body tastes like tender coconut.
This delicious fruit pulp can either be served at room temperature or chilled. These fruit seeds are moderately sweet, so little sugar may be added to enhance the sweetness before serving. 


  1. naku hema!!!!!!!!!!
    drooling here, i miss them!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ah .. how I love them.. I eat them to my heart's content every year when I visit home.

  3. Love these.. they are called noongu.. all time!

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  4. Love this, very refreshing in the hot summer..

  5. i love this fruit..i love the drink which they prepare using this..

  6. Aww hema...u made me go back in time. I miss them so much here :(

  7. Love this fruit...Got to lay my hands on them soon

  8. Oh I love these Hema...I only knew the Bengali name...thanks for letting me know that these are toddy palm fruit seeds...

  9. Hi! Thanks for the visit to my burger :)
    I really love this fruit. We used to have them very often when I was a kid, soaked in rose syrup ... yum! I don't see them much anymore, probably due to the plantations taken over by development. So sad.


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