Ugadi Pachadi

Ugadi Pachadi is a mixture of six tastes (Shadruchulu) to symbolize the various experiences of life like happiness, anger, sadness, fear, surprise and disgust, which every one should equally accept throughout the year. The Ugadi Pachadi (Chutney) consists of Raw mango (surprise), Jaggery (happiness), Salt (Fear), Tamarind juice (disgust), green chilly (anger) and Neem flower (sadness) . Ugadi pachadi is the first thing to have by everyone after completing ritual bath and puja. Here's the simple procedure to make Ugadi Pachadi.

Raw mango : 1 (Cut into small pieces)
Banana : 1
Jaggery : 50 gm
Tamarind juice : 2 tea spoons
Grated coconut : 3 tea spoons
Indian Lilac (Neem flowers) : Few
Green chilly : 1 (Finely chopped)
Salt : 1/4 tea spoon


Take a bowl mash the banana, add mango pieces, grated coconut, Indian Lilac (Neem flowers), chopped green chilly, tamarind juice, salt and jaggery mix well.
Serve at room temperature.


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  2. Lovely Pachadi! This is new to me.

  3. Nice flavors in your Pachadi! I'm not familiar with it, but it sounds good.
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