Pala Munjalu

Arrowroot powder is know as Paala Gaddalu in Telugu and Tikora or Paniphal in Hindi is a starch extracted from the rootstock of the plant named Maranta Arundinacea.
The starch extracted from Arrowroot plants contains many health benefits. It is an easily digestible starch compare to other starches. It aids digestion and used to treat bowel problems. Arrowroot is used as a alternate for breast milk for infants and the jelly extracted from it used as cereal food for infants. It's also very useful while recovering from an illness. Arrowroot is used to treat chronic bladder and internal irritation. It has the tendency to cool the body, so it is widely used in some Indian states during summer. Here's a very healthy and delicious sweet prepared from this wonderful starch which is very ideal to beat the scorching heat of this summer. This sweet is know as "Pala Munjalu" in Andhra due to it's resemblance to pulp extracted from the Toddy palm fruit (Thati Munjalu)


Pala gaddalu (Arrowroot starch) : 1 cup
Milk : 2 cups
Cardamom powder : 1 tea spoon
Sugar : 1 cup
Coconut pieces : few


Soak the Arrowroot starch in water for 30 minutes
Drain the excess water and mix the starch into thick paste by adding little water.
Take a vessel add milk, cardamom powder, sugar and boil on medium flame,
When milk starts boiling add starch paste and make a smooth thick paste by stirring continuously on low flame.
Within one or two minutes it will turn into thick paste, switch off the flame and let it cool for one minute
Take a clean damp cloth and spread the starch paste in desired shapes with a serving spoon.
After 20 minutes transfer them to a tray or plate with the help of a spoon and refrigerate for 1 hour before serving
Garnish with coconut pieces and serve chilled.


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    1. Hi.
      Nungu are the seeds extracted from Toddy Palm Fruits and this is an identical sweet dish prepared with Arrowroot starch and resembles Nungu



  2. Wow, nice recipe dear..sounds very different!

  3. wow....superb recipe dear....

  4. very innovative..
    They do look like nungu..

  5. I don't know about them, but I do love arrowroot. Would love to try a few of them.

  6. Very new dish for me.Interesting.

  7. luv such a traditional recipe!

  8. oh my goodness..I love to taste this now..
    Tasty Appetite

  9. We use this for thiruvadhira festival.This recipe is similar to that.. Nostalgic..

  10. first time here. Never tried dessert made with arrowroot starch. yummilicious!!

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  11. something new to me,nice recipe..

  12. hi hema never tried this before. must learn to use arrow root powder. have a nice day

  13. this is new to me...nice recipe..

  14. New recipe to u said, it looks like nungu only! :)

  15. Totally new recipe.Sounds delicious


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