Tomato Egg Scramble Curry

Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods and they are very rich source of protein. There are several studies shows that an egg a day is really good for health as they carry many health benefits with them.
Eggs contain high levels of amino acids which are very essential for humans especially children and young adults for proper growth and repair. They also very rich source of antioxidants which are very useful in preventing the age related muscular degeneration. A recent study shows eating an egg a day can prevent the obesity. Here's a very easy and extremely tasty Tomato Egg Scramble Curry from Hema's Kitchen. This Egg scramble curry is very useful while running out of time.


Eggs : 4
Tomatoes : 3 ( cut into medium size pieces)
Onions : 2 (chopped)
Green chilies : 2
Red chilly powder : 1 tea spoon
Coriander powder : 1 tea spoon
Garam masala Powder: 1 tea spoon
Turmeric powder : 1/2 tea spoon
Oil : 1 table spoon
Salt to taste


Heat oil in a pan, add chopped onion and green chilies fry till turn in to brown.
Add tomato pieces fry on low flame for 2 minutes, now add  red chilly powder,garam masala, turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt.
fry for 2 minutes on low flame.
Add 2 cups water and cook on high flame.
When gravy starts boiling break and drop each egg into the gravy.
Do not stir, cover with a lid and cook on high flame till done.
Garnish with mint or coriander leaves.
Serve hot with Rice or Roti.


  1. Yummilicious curry, I make egg drop gravies very often just love it!!

  2. Delicious and inviting curry..

  3. Eggs are so versatile and good for you (from free-range fed hens); I have to try making egg curry one day!

  4. so yummy and tasty spicy egg masala...

  5. Truly delicious...Such tempting clicks :)

  6. Omg, who can resist to this droolworthy curry.


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