B chips - Butter chips

Delicious tea time snack "Butter chips" prepared with all purpose flour and butter. This snack is very tasty, easy to prepare and can be stored for two weeks. 


All purpose flour (Maida flour) : 250 gms
Rice flour : 100 gms
Butter : 2 table spoons
Cumin seeds : 2 tea spoons
Water : 2 cups
Oil for deep fry
Salt to taste


Heat water in a vessel , add butter, salt and cumin seeds.
When the water start boiling, add all purpose flour (maida)  and rice flour to it, stir continuously and cook on low flame till it turns into a thick paste.
Allow the paste to cool for sometime.
Now roll the paste into round  balls and spread the balls in a round shape.
Heat oil in a deep bottom wok (karahi) and  drop it into the hot oil.
Fry the chips on low flame till they turn in to golden brown.
Store in a clean, dry, air tight container.
Serve with tea.


  1. I adore these savory chips, especially with cumin seeds inside. The fragrant must have been so good.

  2. Ohhhh mouth watering!!!!!!thanx for the recipe

  3. These would not last a day in our household...yumm...

  4. Hey these cookies look awesome and you have a lovely blog here :)

  5. Yummy crisp aromatic chips.. Thanks for visiting my space..

  6. Delicious butter chips Hema, it goes well with any coffee.

  7. These look really addictive. Don't think I've ever tried any deep dried butter chips before. I seldom deep fry things at home...but I feel like this would be worth to try and break the rules. :) They look so good and sound very delicious.

  8. This recipe is new to me and have not heard it before.Looks crunchy and mouthwatering

  9. Perfect tea time snack. Looks crunchy and delicious

  10. Wonderful snack, these savory butter chips look yummy!

  11. Hema, thanks for dropping by. These sound delicious.
    Hope to see your recipes for the CWS-Cumin event!


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