Sweet Corn Ground Nut Salad

Make one simple change to your diet by adding a healthy salad every day. Here is a healthy and tasty salad recipe, which is prepared with ground nuts and sweet corn.
Ingredients :
Sweet corn : 1 cup 
Ground nuts : 1 cup 
Capsicum pieces : 1
Tomato pieces : 1
Mint leaves : few
Pepper powder : 2 tea spoons
Butter : 2 tea spoons
Lemon juice : 1 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Method :
Soak ground nuts for 2 to 3 hour and boil them for 5 minutes on low flame
Boil the sweet corn, cut tomato and capsicum into small pieces.
add butter in a bowl, add ground nuts, sweet corn, capsicum pieces, tomato pieces, salt, pepper and mix well.
Finally add lemon juice and garnish with mint leaves.
Sweet corn ground nut salad is ready to serve. 


  1. Filling and colorful salad,healthy

  2. Excellent and colorful looking salad.

  3. I shall try this healthy salad tomorrow, a day we abstain from meat. Thanks for rolling out the recipe right one time for me.


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