Vada pappu Bellam

Here's a Sri Rama Navami  naivedyam recipe (Vada pappu bellam) which is prepared  with split moong dal (pesara pappu) and jaggery. It is very tasty, healthy and easy to prepare.
Ingredients :

Split yellow moong dal (pesara pappu) : 1cup
Grated jaggery : 2 table spoon
Grated coconut : 1 /2 cup
Banana : 1
Mint leaves : few (chopped)

Method : 

Wash and soak the split moong dal for an hour.
After soaking for one hour, drain out water by shaking the strainer.
Cut the banana into small pieces and keep aside.
Take bowl add soaked yellow moong dal, banana pieces, grated coconut, grated jaggery, chopped mint leaves and mix well.
Offer this prepared vada pappu bellam to lord Rama and have it as prasadam.

Happy Sri Rama Navami to all bloggers and viewers


  1. Nice to be offered for prayers. Lots of ingredients for the great taste.

  2. Very colourful and fulfilling to look at meal. Excellent preparation.


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