Mokkajonna Punugulu - Corn Kernel Fritters

Corn provides many health benefits, it is high in fiber and good source of several vitamins, corn includes controlling diabetes. here's healthy and tasty snack recipe with corn kernel.
Mokkajonna punugulu (corn kernel fritters) is a tasty and easy snack recipe prepared with corn kernel and all purpose flour (maida). 

Ingredients : 

Corn kernel (mokkajonna ginjalu) : 1 cup
All purpose flour (maida) : 1/2 cup
Curd : 1 cup
Baking soda : 1/2 tea spoon
Onions : 2 (finely chopped)
Green chillies : 4 (finely chopped)
Coriander leaves : few
Salt to taste
Oil for deep fry

Method : 

Grind the corn kernel (mokkajonna ginjalu) into smooth paste.
Mix all purpose flour (maida), curd, chopped onions, green chillies, coriander leaves, salt and baking soda into above grounded paste and make a thick batter.
Heat oil in a deep bottomed pan (karahi).
Make small round shapes with the batter and fry on low flame till they turn into golden in colour.
Mokkajonna punugulu is ready to serve.
Serve hot with tomato sauce.

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